Boost for QDOS from ex-Dragon’s Den star Theo Paphitis

A FEW WEEKS AGO WE WERE CHOSEN FOR A THEO PAPHITIS’ AWARD after MD Damian Linley tweeted Theo during Small Business Sunday – a weekly social media initiative run by Theo.

Selected by multi-millionaire businessman, Theo reposted Damian’s message to his 490 200 followers on social media networking site Twitter.

Damian says, “This win is such an endorsement for QDOS. It’s a real confidence boost to have Theo’s support. I set QDOS up six years ago, opened an office in Shaw, took on an apprentice and things have grown from there. I’m excited for the future!”

So shocked to be selected, Damian says, “I sent my tweet to Theo, something I’ve only ever done five or six times before. Then the following evening I noticed my twitter account going mad! I was networking on line on #oldhamhour when notifications kept popping up on my screen. I realised that Theo had picked me as one of his six winners. I was so chuffed I didn’t know what to do with myself!”

He goes on to explain, “That night and the following few days I have received more messages than ever before and have been gaining new followers all the time since. I’ve also been invited to a SBS winner event in February where I will get to meet Theo himself and have my photo taken with him.”

Explaining why he set up Small Business Sunday, Theo says, “I admire people who have passion and energy. Small Business Sunday was born so that people have a specific time slot to tweet and can pitch their ‘sell’ directly to me. My vision is that everyone who has ever won a #SBS re-tweet from me becomes part of a friendly club. Like-minded individuals can share successes and learnings. I know I have been lucky in business and I am keen now to spread goodwill to others, of course not forgetting that very often, you make your own luck by making use of every opportunity.”


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